Van Cleef & Arpels “THE ART & SCIENCE OF GEMS – 宝石にみる芸術と科学”


現在開催中のVan Cleef & Arpels展覧会のレセプションと百名程度のブランドランチ、そして十数名のブランドディナー。食事会には世界各国のインフルエンサーに加えて、ケイト・ブランシェットの姿も(ムービー撮りまくったw)。



<This is the final draft for the magazine ‘SIGNATURE’>
シンガポールのArt Science Museumで『THE ART & SCIENCE OF GEMS – 宝石にみる芸術と科学』が開催中だ。400点を超えるVan Cleef & Arpelsのアーカイブ。通常のテーマ展示やカテゴリー展示に加え、鉱物や宝石からジュエリーへと昇華していく『進化図』のような表現が面白い。

“The Art and Science of Gems” exhibition is currently being held at the Art Science Museum in Singapore. There are over four hundred archival pieces of Van Cleef & Arpels’ jewelry on display. Besides the display of particular themes or categories, there is an illuminating display like a diagram of evolution from raw material to finished product.


There is no need to expound on the beauty of the “Bird Clip and Pendant” piece as the masterpiece of this extravaganza. In 1971, the 96.62 carat diamond appeared at a Sotheby’s auction and so began its story as an entity with a consciousness. The more we know about these pieces, the more we become intoxicated by their stories.


Van Cleef & Arpels have drawn their inspiration from many movements: 1920′s flapper fashion to modernist, abstract and minimalist art movements, and hippy counter culture. One can feel the flow of history through the hundred years of archived pieces.

2016年に生きる我々もまた大きな変化の中にいる。ジュエリーを語る際『希少性』や『承認欲求』を重要なキーワードに挙げることができるが、現代アートでは『希少性』にインターネットの『拡散』を掛け合わせることで新しい表現が生まれ、SNSは『承認欲求』を極端に日常的なものへと拡張し始めた。これらの変化もまたVan Cleef & Arpelsに、新たな『進化図』をもたらすのであろう。

Here, in 2016, there is a huge swell of change. Reality and self actualization are key words when we talk about jewelry. The meaning of these words is also changing. In the modern art scene, new presentations have been born by reality, and proliferation on the Internet mixing. Self actualization has become more of a fundamental, base desire on the scene of SNS. This movement will fashion a new diagram of evolution for Van Cleef & Arpels.

宝石の持つパワーに癒され、ジュエリーが放つ美しさに魅了される。そんな空間で、まだ見ぬVan Cleef & Arpelsに思いを巡らせるのもまた乙である。